Spice Girls Bid Farewell in Toronto  


The Spice Girls ended their comeback tour last night here in Toronto and I was there!! It was the most AMAZING concert I've ever been to. It was totally worth the ten year wait for their reunion!

The Girls opened strongly with two upbeat, dance-happy numbers, Spice Up Your Life and Stop. Other hightlights were the sexy, white feather fan-enhanced Two Become One, the Flamenco-inspired Viva Forever and the black leather/S&M- drenched Holler.

The Girls brought their kids up on stage during Mama and little Cruz Beckham made an impromptu headspinning breakdance.

Two songs into the show Emma said "Okay, this is going to be an emotional one guys -- it already is,"

"I was already crying before we came up," responded Posh.

"As you know, this is the last night of the tour, we never dreamt we'd get back together and be such a success, and who knows if we'll ever get back together again, so tonight is a special night, let's enjoy every minute of it," said Geri.

Later in the night Mel B. said "You're the best audience ever,".

"I have fallen in love with Toronto, I give my heart to Toronto," said Geri.

"We've got some great fans all over the world, but nothing like here in Toronto," added Posh.

"I'm going to find you a boyfriend here later," said Mel B. to single mom Geri, and she later strapped down a male fan picked out of the audience and did a sexy dance around him during her whip-wielding solo cover of Lenny Kravitz's Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Unfortunately Posh didn't sing a solo but instead did a fierce catwalk down the stage to Rupaul's Supermodel (You Better Work) and she sure worked it, snap, snap, snap!

Emma performed her solo to one of my favourite songs of hers Maybe.

Melanie C. did an amazing solo with lasers and all to I Turn To You one of her greatest hits . She's still the voice of the Spice Girls. Towards the end she also impressed everyone by doing her famous backflip and tumble, at age 34!

All the Girls were great in their solos but the one that really got the crowd going was definitely Geri's hilarious version of It's Raining Men where the group's 10 male dancers whipped off their shirts amid blasts of steam, strobe lights and lightning imagery.

At the end of the concert they hugged and kissed a lot. They thanked their crew, dancers, families and most importantly their fans for their continued support throughout the years. And yes I did shed one or two tears throughout the night.

The whole concert rocked and was wayyy above all my expectations. I hope they recorded it and release it on DVD. Thank you Jay for the tickets and for coming along! I had a blast!!

Did you get a chance to attend any of their tour dates? What did you think of it?

Update: Click here to watch video of Cruz breakdancing last night and Click here to watch Melanie C. do her backflip.

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