Melanie C. is Coming To North America  


Speaking to Spice Girl Melanie C. revealed that she'll be releasing her latest album This Time in North America this coming April under her own Red Girl imprint.

She said "When I was released from my contract with Virgin, I had options, I could attempt to sign with another major. I could go with an independent or start my own label."

"And having experience with a major label, it was nice to be able to do the exact opposite and own the copyright to my songs," she continues. "I was very fortunate with the Spice Girls; financially, I was able to set up my own label and finance my own record."

Melanie's solo efforts aren't well known in North America yet except by hardcore fans. This Time follows the succes of her solo debut Northern Star in 1999 which was amazing and sold close to 3 million units worldwide. Her next two albums Reason in 2003 and Beautiful Intentions in 2005 were not released in the US.

Melanie describes the style of This Time as "mature pop". The first single off the album will be "Carolyna" which tells the story of a young runaway.

Aparently she's also planning to tour in the U.S. and Canada in support of the album's release.

I'm sooo there!!

Watch the "Carolyna" video below:

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