Lady Gaga to Appear on So You Think You Can Dance  


Lady Gaga will perform on the Results Show of So You Think You Can Dance tonight Thursday July 31st.

Catch her performance of "Just Dance" right before America's vote is revealed!

The show will air live at 9-10 EST/PST on FOX.

The Saturdays - If This Is Love  


So there's this new British girl group called The Saturdays that's been brewing for a few months and their hot debut single "If This Is Love" just came out yesterday.

The track features a sample from the Yazoo track "Situation" as the backing rhythm to give it that nice 80's pop sound. I love this song, it's fun, it's cheeky, it's Pop!

I've been reading bout these girls all over as they've been doing some heavy promoting throughout the British media and various music magazines and blogs.

These girls are so hot right now they've even been touring with the current reigning British girl group Girls Aloud.

CLICK HERE to visit their official MySpace page and HERE for their website.

Lindsay Lohan - Bossy  


OK so there's this song I've been playing on repeat for a few weeks now but I've been kind of afraid to write about it out of fear of embarrassment but now I'm totally ready to come out with it.

If blogging has taught me anything it's that if I like a song there are many more people out there who like it too. I'm also not one to judge artists by their personal lives but rather by their music and their work and this is one song that I truly enjoy.

So here it of my favourite songs right now is "Bossy" by Lindsay Lohan. I like it because it's a great pop/dance song about a strong woman who gets what she wants when she wants it.

The song was written by R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and production team StarGate for Lindsay's upcoming third studio album ' Spirit in the Dark' and was released only as a pre-single/buzz-track off the album. Sadly no video or promotion will take place for it.

What do you think of the song?

CLICK HERE to visit her MySpace page.

Sam Sparro - Black & Gold  


Meet Sam Sparro an AMAZING singer, songwriter and producer from Australia.

I've been a fan of his for a while now and I was very pleased with his self-titled debut album 'Sam Sparro' when it came out earlier this year .

The album is full of great songs in the Electrofunk, Pop, R&B, and Soul styles and includes the hit single "Black & Gold", you can watch the gorgeous video for it above.

Also check out his up coming second single "21st Century Life".

CLICK HERE to check out more of his music on his official MySpace page and HERE for his official site.

NEW Video: Danity Kane - Bad Girls feat. Missy Elliot  


Here's the latest video by trannylicious girl band Danity Kane. It's for "Bad Girls" featuring Missy Elliot. This is the second single from their second album 'Welcome To The Dollhouse'.

Also check out the video for "Damaged".

CLICK HERE to visit their official MySpace page and HERE for their website.

NEW Video: Melanie C. - Understand  


As I told you back in June while Melanie C. was touring Canada she was also shooting footage for her upcoming video. The video's finally here.

It's for "Understand" one of my favourite songs from her latest album 'This Time'. It was shot in Toronto and includes footage from the concert I attended with my friend Jay and from her appearance at the MMVA's.

CLICK HERE to visit her official MySpace page and HERE for her website.

NEW Video: Rihanna - Disturbia  


Check out the newly released video for Rihanna 's hot new single "Disturbia". The song is from the re-release of her third studio album 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.

I absolutely love, love, love this video!! It's so dark and so unexpected from Rihanna and the song itself rocks!!

CLICK HERE to get the video inHQ AVI format.

What do you think of the video or song?

NEW Video: Alphabeat - Boyfriend  


Alphabeat is back with a new video for "Boyfriend" . The song was first released as their debut single in their native Denmark and is due to be released as their third single in the UK in August 2008.

This is the second video for "Boyfriend", CLICK HERE to watch the orginal version.

CLICK HERE to check out their MySpace page.

PCD - When I Grow Up (Behind The Scenes)  


Here's a behind the scenes look at the video shoot for "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls.

Duffy - Mercy  


If you haven't heard of Welsh Soul star Duffy you must be living under a rock. Duffy recently became the first artist to sell one million albums in 2008 according to the Official U.K Charts Company.

Watch the video above for her current hit single "Mercy" which was released as Duffy's debut single internationally.

According to Duffy, the song is autobiographical and is about "sexual liberty" and "not doing something somebody else wants you to do".

"Mercy" won the 2008 MOJO magazine award in the category of Song of the Year. The award is voted by readers of the magazine. The magazines editor Phil Alexander called the song a "timeless" classic that " could really have come from any period in time over the last 50 years"

CLICK HERE to check out her MySpace page and HERE for her official site.

Lady Gaga - Just Dance feat. Colby O'Donis  


Meet Lady Gaga an up and coming singer/songwriter from New York who's been tearing up the dance charts with "Just Dance" the lead single from her upcoming first album 'The Fame'. Watch her video above.

On her MySpace page she says that she was influenced by Queen and David Bowie and likes to mix Rock, Pop and theater in her performances, she even makes her own stage costumes.

She has set the Internet abuzz so much that she was recently featured at Perez Hilton's 4th of July bash at Prive in Las Vegas.

Keep an eye and ear out for this fast rising Pop star!

CLICK HERE to read more about her on her official MySpace page and HERE to visit her official website.

The Veronicas - Untouched  


"Untouched" is a hot song by Australian band The Veronicas and it's the second single from their second album ' Hook Me Up '. Watch the video for it above.

I first heard this song when it was featured on So You Think You Can Dance and I was hooked right away.

Unfortunately the couple that danced to it got booted out but the exposure in the U.S. did wonders for the single as it debuted at number sixteen on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.

CLICK HERE to check out their official MySpace page and HERE for their official website.

Annie - I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me  


Meet Annie a singer from Norway that's quickly making a name for herself in the indie pop world. Watch the video above for her current single "I know UR Girlfriend Hates Me".

Her new album 'Don't Stop' is due out in October but you can listen to an album sampler that gives you a short snippet of each track by clicking HERE to download it.

CLICK HERE to check out her official MySpace and CLICK HERE to visit her official site.

-I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me Remixed-

Isabel Guzman - Mysterious  


I introduced you to Isabel Guzman a while back and here's her first music video. It's for "Mysterious" the first single from her EP 'Kill The Boy'.

If you like the song also check out the Lilla Bjrn RMX.

CLICK HERE to visit her official MySpace page and CLICK HERE to visit her official site.

Thanks to Don't Stop The Pop for the heads up on the video.