Britney Spears To Perform @ The 2008 MTV VMA's?  


Rumor has it that that Britney Spears is set do a real comeback performance at the 2008 MTV VMA's and if these videos are any indication of what's to come the rumors might just be true...

Check out these TV spots for the VMA's:

"Pinch Me"

"Britney Spears & Russell Brand"

What do you think, will she perform at the VMA's?

Katy Perry #1 on U.K. Singles Chart  


Katy Perry has been #1 on the U.S charts for seven weeks straight with her hit song "I Kissed A Girl" and it looks like she's about to take over the world! She's currently sitting at the #1 spot in the U.K Singles Chart ! Can anyone top her?

Watch the Making Of for the "I Kissed A Girl" video above.

CLICK HERE to visit her offical site and CLICK HERE to visit her MySpace page.

Lady Gaga - The Fame: Part One  


Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze me with her wacky creativity. She is full original talent in what has become an industry of pre-fabricated copycats.

For proof of her immense talent just check out this crazy ass promo for her upcoming debut album 'The Fame' due out this month. I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!

CLICK HERE to get the album sampler.

CLICK HERE to check out her official MySpace page and HERE for her official website.

Kreesha Turner - Bounce With Me  


Meet Kreesha Turner one of our hottest Canadian singers of the moment.

The video above is for her second single "Bounce With Me" which came out last year. The song is so hot it's was featured on tv spots for Lipstick Jungle, Entourage, Desperate Housewives and many more.

Her debut album 'Passion' came out yesterday to great reviews and it's sure to sky rocket through the charts.

CLICK HERE to check out her official MySpace page and HERE for her website.



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POP Spotlight

Lady Gaga LIVE on SYTYCD  


Check out Lady Gaga's live performance last night on the results show for So You Think You Can Dance.