Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)  


There's this new artist I discovered recently and I absolutely love her sound.

She goes by the name of Florence & The Machine and you can watch the video for "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" the fourth single from her debut album 'Lungs' above.

Her soaring, epic vocals, quirky melodies and self-contained musical world have already won her the 2009 Critics Choice Award at the Brits. Her debut album came out today it's full of beautiful sounds. If you like Imogen Heap and Bjork you'll definitely love Florence.

On her official site the album is described as made of harps, choirs, drums, elevator shafts, bits of metal, love, death, fireworks, string quartets, stamping, sighing, strange electronic wailing, lambs, lions, sick, broken glass, blood, moon, stars, drink, coffins, teeth, water, wedding dresses.. and the silences in between. The songs are full of Gothic imagery, of fairytale flights of fantasy, and although much has been read into her lyrics, Florence says it’s usually simple. “Everything is about boys!” she laughs. “The whole album is about love – and pain. People see my lyrics as crazy, but to me it’s an honest, heartfelt album. I didn't set out to be wacky. I just want it to be emotive.”

Get the single and the two CD album on iTunes now!

Also check out her official MySpace page to learn more about her.

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