Little Boots - New In Town  


I’ve been OBSESSED with Little Boots for the past few months so I’m very excited about the release of her full length debut album titled ‘Hands’.

The album was released today in the UK but unfortunately it's not yet available in North America. In the meantime there's a new EP coming out tomorrow that should keep her fans satisfied for a bit (already pre-ordered it). The EP is titled 'Illuminations' and it contains some not yet released tracks, digital booklet and the "New In Town" music video.

If you’re not familiar with her music you’re missing out on one of the best new artists to come out of the electro-pop scene this year. Some music critics and reviews have gone as far as to name her the new Lady Gaga and the new Kylie Minogue and I have to say they might be right.

Watch the music video above for “New In Town” the album’s lead single and her very first music video as a solo artist.

Click HERE to purchase the “New In Town” EP (four remixes), HERE for her full album 'Hands' (UK only) and HERE for 'Illuminations' (North America).

Make sure to visit her official MySpace page to learn more about her.

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