Isabel Guzman - Mysterious  


I introduced you to Isabel Guzman a while back and here's her first music video. It's for "Mysterious" the first single from her EP 'Kill The Boy'.

If you like the song also check out the Lilla Bjrn RMX.

CLICK HERE to visit her official MySpace page and CLICK HERE to visit her official site.

Thanks to Don't Stop The Pop for the heads up on the video.

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3 comments: to “ Isabel Guzman - Mysterious

  • Saturday, 05 July, 2008  

    I went on her myspace and listened to her other songs, she's really good. reminds me of Robyn but different.

  • Saturday, 05 July, 2008  

    love this song, heard of her before, she's not really like Robyn. Why do people say that, just caus she's swedish and blonde?? aRe all blonde american singers the same? No!

  • Sunday, 06 July, 2008  

    I like this chick better than robyn, robyn sounds like she's trying to be all hood/ghetto and stuff.