Meet Ultraviolet Sound  


As part of "New Artists Month" meet Ultraviolet Sound an electro/pop indie band from Los Angeles. They have that new funky, gritty, electro pop punk sound that I love. Watch their video for "Gimme My Electro" above.

Here's an excerpt from their bio:

"ULTRAV!OLET S-S-S-SOUND is light. love. beats. a change. an opinion. world domination. no limitations...we dance to the beat of our own drum machine. we just finished our first record which is available NOW to download, remix, spin and obsessively, compulsively DAAAAANCE to!!!!! we will be touring our faces off this year, so come out and dance. dance. dance. with us!!"

Ultraviolet recently teamed up with TrueAnthem an “advertiser supported online music promotion and distribution company” all about connecting the band to the fan.

Thanks to this pairing you can listen to and download their songs for free because at the start of each song is a brief “sponsored by” message delivered by the band itself and the band gets paid for each download.

CLICK HERE to listen to some more of their tunes, to get their tour dates and to download their album for free.

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