NEW Video: Kylie Minogue - All I See  


Here's the new video for Kylie's current U.S. single "All I See". Hmmm what to say...well at least her dancer Marco da Silva looks yummy.

Still love the song but unfortunately I don't think this video's gonna help her sales in the U.S.

What do you think of the video?

What next?

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5 comments: to “ NEW Video: Kylie Minogue - All I See

  • Monday, 21 April, 2008  

    Umm... that's too bad. I agree with the host, the song is good, but the video lacks luster for sure. Red Blooded Woman appeal here would have been a propos. I don't think she'll crack the American market this time, but who cares right?! Kylie rocks, she looks hot and X is rockin' hot!!!

    I would love to see a video for the One or Speakerphone!!!

  • Tuesday, 22 April, 2008  


  • Wednesday, 23 April, 2008  

    yeah this video kinda sucks. how come she didn't do a big budget video like for Wow or In My Arms?

  • Wednesday, 23 April, 2008  

    I read somewhere that she did the video in three hours. it shows. I still like her though. X still rocks! one of my fave albums of the year!

  • Thursday, 24 April, 2008  

    Yes she shot it in three hours between rehearsals in the U.S. She says so in a recent post on her blog which you can find on here too :o)

    She says she wanted to do something simple and spontaneous.