NEW Video: Janet Jackson - Rock With U  


Here's the new Janet Jackson video. This one's for "Rock With U" the second single from Discipline her latest album.

Love the song, video's pretty good. I like the choreography and she's right, strobe lights do make everything sexier.

-Rock With U Remixed-

What do you think of the song or video?

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5 comments: to “ NEW Video: Janet Jackson - Rock With U

  • Thursday, 06 March, 2008  


  • Thursday, 06 March, 2008  

    Thank you!

  • Friday, 07 March, 2008  

    its good

  • Wednesday, 12 March, 2008  

    Not the strongest of comebacks, especially after the last two albums, but the video flippin' rocks! The moves are sleek and smooth. Original choreography. Good choice for single number 2. I hope single number 3 is So Much Betta.

  • Thursday, 13 March, 2008  

    Now that I've listened to the song over and over again I really like it. It's really grown on me. You're right Sonic Bronco, the choreography is original and it's a good choice for number 2 'cause it's a bit more chilled out than the Feedback. And I agree that So Much Betta would be a great follow up.